Meet the Team

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Jessica Kelleher


My favorite food? Pasta.
I can't tell if I love cooking or eating more! Trying new ingredients or cooking techniques, going out to dinner - just all of it, the whole experience, I love it. With my catering dishes, I focus on creating unique menus for my client's events. It doesn't have to be anything super crazy, maybe it's just a little different take on a classic dish that brings it up a level or surprises you a bit and makes it fun.

I want my customers to feel like they're over my house sitting at my table. I want my dishes to bring out that feeling you get when your mom makes your favorite dinner.


Megan Cianfaglione

Sous Chef

My favorite food? Pizza.
I am a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and I've been in the restaurant business in New York and Nashville, for ten years. With Pinch & Zest, I'm using a lot of my tricks of the trade to elevate our catering.

Catering is much different from restaurant cooking, there is an art to making a buffet look good, or plating for 150 people and nailing the timing so everything is out and hot and fresh. It's so challenging and fun. I'm learning something new with each event!


Cassidy Ebert

Sous Chef

My favorite food? Tacos.

My passion for cooking and baking started when I was very young. I take great pride in using my family's recipes that have been passed down for generations.

I feel the most rewarding part of cooking a meal is watching people's reactions as they eat it! I graduated with a degree in Hospitality Food Service Management with a focus in bread and pastry arts. At Pinch & Zest, not only do I have the opportunity to cook for amazing events but bake up a storm as well!
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